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$197 | 90 MINUTES

During our 90-minute consultation, we will review your brand identity across all your marketing channels.


I can help you gain clarity on the direction of your business, as well as provide actionable steps for success. Together we can create a powerful game plan to ensure your business stands out from the competition and drives customers to you.

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Here is what is included in a 90-minute business strategy consultation:

  • A brief audit of your online presence

  • Analyze your current marketing strategy

  • A brand audit to understand your current positioning in the marketplace.

  • An exploration of your target market and customer demographics. 

  • A brainstorming session to uncover unique strategies for growth. 

  • Identify areas of improvement and create a plan to capitalize on opportunities.

  • Video recording

After our session, you will have an actionable roadmap that can be implemented immediately. This roadmap will include specific steps to ensure success in your business and help you reach your goals.


So let’s get started! Contact me today for a free consultation, and together we can develop a powerful plan to move your business forward.

Note: For website requests, I ONLY work with Squarespace or WIX

Shelly Mack, Entrepreneur

Working with Elsi gave me a better understanding of social media marketing and marketing in general. She’s a phenomenal woman that knows how to connect with her clients and speaks with them on their level of understanding, and she makes working and learning fun and interactive What you learn from Elsi can be used across the board and in other areas of your life.
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