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Whitney Wiatt Photographer

Branding for Wedding and Brand Photographer in Wisconsin

Project Goals

Whitney Wiatt is a Wisconsin based photographer specializing in personal brand portrait and wedding photography. Her rich colors and mountain-inspired location give her photography an almost dreamlike vintage feel and we wanted to maintain that throughout her new brand elements.

Timeless Design That’s Adaptable Across Multiple Target Markets

Whitney reached out to Whiskey and Red to assist in a brand refresh. She wanted something traditional, minimal, balanced, sophisticated and timeless. Since Whitney serves both wedding clients and editorial clients, we needed to design a brand that could cover both industries, with subtle differences that would speak to both audiences while still feel like a cohesive brand family.

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Logo Design

We selected a clean timeless Serif typeface for the Whitney Wiatt wordmark design. The all caps with wide kerning provided a confident look to her name, while maintaining a sense of approachability. Then the contrasting strapline lowercase italic font kept the logo editorial-looking, with a slight feminine touch. To pull in her local mountain environment, we added in a small pine sprig that could easily be used or removed to best market to any of her target client groups.




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Timeless, Classic, Strong

This Brand Typography styling is meant to be both clean, timeless, and masculine. We choose to go with a timeless Serif font, Bell MT, as it provided the cleanest high-quality, high-contrast feel with it’s thick and thin type elements. The contrasting weights of each letter make this font a strong, expert choice, while the play of the all-caps with the lower case letters gives a balanced contrast. The timeless serif font gives a longer life to this brand identity, allowing for creative flexibility in decorative elements.

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Color Palette

Timeless, Grounded, Clean, Minimal, Warm

With such a contrasting target client group; weddings and editorial brand clients, we created a simple, warm, and timeless color palette that could easily complement both client groups and work nicely with both styles of photography






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Brand Collateral

Custom Luxe Business Cards

Word of mouth marketing is one of the biggest marketing drivers for a wedding photographer, with brides gushing about how fabulous their wedding photos are to their soon to be bride friends. Having a high-quality, beautiful, and lasting physical touch-piece to hand out was important. We used Moo’s Luxe business cards to create exactly what Whitney needed for both her brides and editorial brand clients.

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